The goal of this movement is to establish a BHU-type Central University in Puri.

By a BHU-type Central University we mean a Central University (fully funded by the Central government) that has wide ranging disciplines (as in BHU) and that is well recognized (like BHU) in the country and the world.

Why BHU type Central University: BHU with a student body of 20,000 has a wide array of disciplines such as various languages, social sciences, philosophy, mathematics, sciences, law, medicine, engineering (IT-BHU became an IIT), education, commerce, visual arts, performing arts, Sanskrit, agriculture and management. Such a university does not exist in Odisha.

Why in Puri:

But Odisha has been already given a central university in Koraput!: Since 2009, when CUO Koraput was established, Bihar has been given SIX centrally funded universities in Gaya, Motihari, Kishanganj (a center of Aligarh Muslim University), Nalanda, Pusa and Vikramshila. Surely, Odisha's desire for a BHU type central university in the abode of Lord Jagannath is reasonable and appropriate.

Some steps that have been taken:

What next? How do we go about establishing a BHU-type Central University in Puri: